Administrative Team


de Santiago's administrative team strives to provide a solid foundation where young learners develop socially and academically through a friendly and nurturing environment.

Dr.Maria Galindo, Principal
Maria I. Galindo was born in Mexico and moved to the USA in 1994. In Mexico, she started working as a teacher at the age of 17. She served as an assistant principal at Early Childhood Center for 6 years before moving to Houston. Dr. Galindo earned a bachelor degree in Science (1984) and a bachelor degree in Education with a major in Mathematics (1990). She began her career in Education in the US in 1996 through the ACP with Region IV. She attended SHSU and completed her Master’s degree in Mid-management in 2003. In December 2014, she earned her Doctorate in Education from the University of Houston. Dr. Galindo has worked for 19 years in Aldine and has been the principal at de Santiago EC/PK Center for the last three years.
pic Ms. Lesia Fobbs, Assistant Principal
After graduating from Lamar University in 1987 with a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and an Associate degree in Law Enforcement, Ms. Fobbs worked for the Texas Attorney General’s Office as a Child Support Enforcement Officer and for the Harris County Juvenile Probation Department as a Juvenile Probation Officer. Some years later, she attended Prairie View A&M University and earned a Master’s degree in Education (Special Education) and became a certified Educational Diagnostician. She taught in Houston ISD for several years as a special education teacher.
In June of 2008, she completed the Principal Certification Program through Region 4. Ms. Fobbs has been an Educational Diagnostician at Carmichael Elementary and at de Santiago's Play-Based Assessment Team (PBAT). She has been an Assistant Principal at Jose de Santiago EC/PK Center since 2008. Ms. Fobbs has served in the educational arena for over 25 years.
The Lord has blessed her with two beautiful children, a son named Lane Ralston and a daughter named Hayla Alexandria. She enjoys spending quality time with family and friends, volunteering in church ministries, traveling, shopping and line dancing.
De Santiago’s school motto is “We Grow Graduates.” An unknown author once said that educators do not plant seeds of curiosity in the soil of young minds; seeds are already there. It is the care and nurturing that encourages those seeds to sprout and grow and become a life of their own.
Ebony Brown

 Ms. Ebony Brown, Assistant Principal
pic Ms. Christine Gonzalez, Assessment Specialist
Christine graduated from Mankato State University in 1995. She began her teaching career in Aldine ISD where she taught at Sammons Elementary and Thompson Elementary for a total of eight years. She has been in employed with Aldine for an additional ten years as an educational diagnostician.
Christine is a mother of a six year old daughter (Macie) and an eight year old son (Maddox). When she is not busy running from gymnastics and baseball, she enjoys spending time running, shopping, dining out, and going to the movies.
pic Ms. Heather Tilbury, Social Worker
Heather Tilbury grew up in Connecticut and was acclimated to the snow and seasonal weather. Her family moved to temperate Houston when she was sixteen and she has stayed in Houston since, except for her undergraduate studies at the University of Texas, Austin. She went on to receive her Master of Social Worker from the University of Houston. Although she has worked in various settings: adult and child mental health treatment, medical and private practice, the field of children and families has been her area of expertise. She started off in education as the Social Worker for the Preschool Program for Children with Disabilities in Houston ISD, later moving to teach children with disabilities in a private school. She has eighteen years of experience in education with the past ten years in Aldine’s Head Start program. Her primary goal as the Social Worker for Head Start is to strengthen parent-child relationships, helping both children and families thrive.