Kindergarten Programs

General/ESL Education

    •   The emphasis of our program is on reading and writing which follows the Teacher   
         College Reading and Writing Program (TCRWP).  The Kindergarten curriculum also
         focuses on Math, Science and Social Studies.

    •   Cognitive and social development is fostered in every student

    •   Children are provided foundational skills though the TCRWP, which prepares them
         for a successful educational journey.

    •   Student activities are hands-on, meaningful and diverse to meet the learning needs
         for every student.

    •   Technology is also integrated to prepare the students for the future by building
         lifelong skills through teamwork, responsibility and critical thinking.

 Bilingual Education

  • The Bilingual program has the same objectives as our kindergarten program but the teacher directs the students in Spanish. We follow the Early Exit Transitional Bilingual Program.

  Special Education Programs

  • Students in the special education programs are provided a Free And Public Education (FAPE) in their least restrictive environments based on their learning needs as determined by the ARD committee.  Each program offered is to ensure that all learners are academically successful and have every opportunity to succeed.

    The Structured Learning Classroom (SLC)

  • The Structured Learning Classroom (SLC) is designed to address the needs of students with a complex developmental disorder that affects how the student socializes with others, communicates, and learns as determined by the district’s formal assessment team.
  • These students display deficits in the areas of communication, social skills and/or significant behaviors which needs to be directly addressed through Individual Educational Plans to ensure academic success.


  • This program provides children with disabilities, who have been evaluated and identified through the district assessment team, the opportunity to access the schoolwide curriculum in the general education classroom with the support of a special education teacher.  These learners also have individual educational plans (IEP’s) which are implemented throughout the year to ensure academic success.