PreKindergarten and ESL

pic• The emphasis of our program is on oral language, reading and math readiness, and social skill development.
• Children are provided opportunities for learning through exploration, discovery, and direct instruction.
• Children have the opportunity to make choices in activities.
• Instruction is designed to meet the needs of children who learn at different rates.
• Manipulatives and hands-on activities are emphasized.
• Technology is integrated.

Children are eligible for Pre-Kindergarten/Head Start if:
The child is four years old by September 1st of each school year,
family size and income fall in the eligibility range, or
the child is limited English proficient.

The Pre-Kindergarten/Head Start program will follow the district's traditional school calendar.
Transportation to and from school will be provided.
Pre-Kindergarten/Head Start is a full program designed to give the four year old a great beginning in school.