Pre-Kindergarten Registration

Student registration is now in process at de Santiago.  Registration packets may be picked up at the school.  For more information please call 281-985-7500.

Students must be 4 on or before September 1st in order to enroll.

You must bring in all required papers for student enrollment. PROOF OF INCOME IS REQUIRED.

  • Original Birth Certificate (Hospital birth facts will not be accepted.)
  • Your child's Social Security Card if born in the US
  • Proof of address must be a current electricity, gas, water bill or lease agreement with your name and address.
  • If your name is not on the bill, then the person whose name appears on the bill will need to come with you to enroll the students and must bring a picture ID matching that address.
  • If you live in an apartment the names of the children and yourself must be on the lease agreement.
  • Parent/guardian picture ID that matches the proof of address.
  • Total household income documentation (current check stubs -if weekly - 4 and if biweekly - 2)
  • If you are paid in cash, you will need to bring a notarized letter in which your employer indicates your income per week.
  • If you are receiving TANF, food stamps, SSI, Medicaid and/or WIC, you will need to bring current proof.
  • Original Shot record card or print out with doctor or clinic's stamp
  • Shots required:
    • 2 MMR (both on or after the first birthday)
    • 4 HIB (1 on or after 15 months of age)
    • 3 Polio (last one or after the 4th birthday)
    • 4 DTP (last one or after the 4th birthday)
    • 3 Hepatitis B
    • 2 Varicella (on or before after 1st birthday)
    • 4 Pneumococcal (last one or after the 4th birthday)
    • 2 Hepatitis A (last one or after the 4th birthday)
  • Enrollment Packet COMPLETED - All forms completed and signed - do not leave lines blank.